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Thank you HanbonSword for an amazing Master iaito. I am very happy with the quality and you will see me and my students again

James T. Johnson


I recommend this forge. It delivers great quality. Just look at their swords. They are absolutely beautiful.

Ellen Green


I have a Professional katana from that i really like. It is strong, I used it many times for tameshigiri and it never fails me. I am now saving for a new Hanbon katana. My next will ofcourse be a Master katana. Keep up the good work.

Mark Davis


I have used an aluminium iaito for many years and i was always quite happy with it. But that was before I purchased a Master iaito from HanbonSword. It is such a big difference in balance and i truly love working with it. If I ever buy a sharp katana, it will without a doubt, be from

Justin Parker


I have a Hanbon Professional iaito. I love the fact that it is handmade. The structure of the folded steel is just beautiful and I really like the wild hamon. It is a bit heavy. I always worked with a regular iaito, not a carbon steel one and that one was lighter to work with. So I will have to get used to the extra weight.

William Hays

Hi William. That is correct. Most aluminium or stainless steel iaito are in fact lighter than a true katana. That might be easy for beginning users, but it is not correct. Our carbon steel iaito don't mimick the look and feel of a katana. They are katana, but we make them blunt so you can practice safely.


My new iaito is amazing. Finally a forge that really creates high quality iaido swords.

Axel Reed